In a nutshell

From its birth as a farm diversification project back in 2008, we have grown to become one of the leading wineries in the UK, based in rural Hampshire. The Robinson family made their initial steps in 2008 by planting our very first vineyard on some of their farmland but had no idea that it would lead to where we are now. We have a 500 tonne, eco-friendly winery that was purpose built under the guidance of our Head Winemaker and Director, Emma Rice . Emma took full advantage of Simon’s lack of industry knowledge (and at the time, large chequebook) to coax him into buying the best equipment throughout, so now we have one of the most advanced wineries in the world and Simon has a much smaller chequebook.

The only thing we take seriously is the winemaking, the rest, we try and have a little fun with, so expect the unexpected, embrace the unconventional, throw off the shackles of tradition and join us in some rather remarkable wines…..

People used to laugh at English wine, they don’t seem to be laughing any more….

Who's fault is all this..?

Simon will tell you that all of this was originally planned and has been carried out to perfection, but the truth is that Hattingley was never meant to be so big nor use so much of his money but we are forever grateful for his pioneering spirit.

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She who must be obeyed

Whilst Simon may think he is in charge, everyone at Hattingley knows that Emma is in charge. Emma has been with us since the birth of Hattingley and here she is pictured during the first vintage in 2010.

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Vineyard Planted

After site survey and soil analysis, a fantastic south facing slope on the farm was identified for the first vineyard. This was planeted using gps guided technology in 2008.

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Chicken Shed

It was actually after Simon planted the first vineyard when his thoughts turned to what he was going to do with the grapes. Thankfully, 500 yards away from his house stood an abandon industrial site, formally a chicken farm.

Simon showed Emma around the site and asked if wine could be made there, to which Emma's response was "yes, but not with me as your winemaker". So everything was razed to the ground and a custom built, Hi Tech Winery was built on the site under Emma's guidance. (Sorry for the rubbish photos, it's all we could find!).



Emma designed the whole winery from scratch, surely every winemakers dream, taking full advantage of Simon's generosity. Only the best equipment was chosen from start to finish, an ethos that stays with us today.

The winery was completed literally as the first grapes started to arrive in 2010. It has since grown to become a 500 tonne winery producing world class wines.


First Release

When making premium, traditional method sparkling wine, everything seems to take a very long time. from planting the first vineyard in 2008 we had no wine to release until 2013. We are glad that we waited and didn't rush as our first release was awarded a gold medal at Decanter world wine awards.


Waitrose Launch

As our production of wine grew we were able to supply larger customers and the high-quality of our wines was recognised by Waitrose where we are still available to buy to this day.


Whole Foods

Our export journey began in 2015 with America being our number 1 focus. We found a fantastic importer and after a positive write-up in the New York Times we were listed across America with the prestigious Whole Foods Market chain, in 43 states and 432 stores, a first for English Sparkling wine.


British Airways

British Airways celebrated their 100 year anniversary in 2019 and we were incredibly proud to produce a bespoke wine in partnership with them for their first class cabins across the globe. The relationship has continued to strengthen over the years and you can still find our wine in all first class cabins and lounges to this day.


Prior to planting Hattingley’s vineyards, Simon Robinson had already commissioned a survey of flora and fauna on his farm in Hampshire, which lead to the discovery that the Silver-washed Fritillary Butterfly, common in Europe but rare in Britain, was a summer resident. The delicate eco-system in this part of Hampshire was enhanced by his planting of around seven miles of hedgerow under a countryside stewardship scheme.

The presence of such an iconic butterfly now found in our South facing chalk-based vineyard in rural Hampshire indicates that the vineyard is a healthy environment with a rich biodiversity due to the extensive farmlands around us. This is something we take great pride in and seemed a natural choice to weave into Hattingley’s brand identity.

The Fritillary isn't seen everywhere but it's a lovely thing to behold, a bit like our English sparkling wines actually...