Discover Our New Personalised Wine Collection: Perfect for Gifting

If you are looking for a gift that says a little more than usual… you’ve come to the right place. With up to 60 characters at your disposal, you can say quite a lot. But, the real message, will be the heartfelt token of an engraved bottle of English sparkling wine. With the gift of traditional method English sparkling wine, you can celebrate the occasion by popping a bottle with your loved ones in the moment or lay it down to age for future special occasions. Discover our new range of personalised wine bottles below and read on, to learn about how to order in time for your next big occasion.

A Personalised Wine Gift for any Occasion: Engraved Bottles They’ll Love!

Whether it’s a wedding gift, birthday or anniversary there really are no limits as to what you can write on an engraved bottle and with our new releases you can choose your favourite bottle to gift from our personalised wine collection (and as it’s your favourite, they might even share it with you!). 

Personalised Classic Reserve NV 

Hattingley Valley Bottle personalisation, engraved champagne bottles, personalised wine gifts

Our Personalised Classic Reserve NV, is the perfect English Sparkling for celebrating, made from the traditional varieties, chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier, it's the ideal choice for someone who is new to Hattingley Valley (or English Sparkling Wine in general!). With notes of orchard fruits, orange peel and creamy nougat, it has a characteristic richness from oak. A perfect representation of the Hattingley style it’s hard to go wrong with our Classic Reserve, especially when it’s engraved with your (or their) name on it! Read the full tasting notes for more details.

Personalised Rosé 2020

Hattingley Valley new personalised wine gifts, engraved champagne bottles, Engraved Sparkling Rosé

Our Personalised Rosé 2020 is delicately pale pink in colour, with the classic notes of strawberries and raspberries on the nose and the tartness of pink grapefruit on the palate. This highly drinkable English Rosé has just a touch of oak ageing, with a delightful creaminess, that effortlessly complements a variety of cuisines. A wine for Rosé lovers of all preferences, it makes the perfect gift for summertime celebrations! Check out our tasting notes for more details plus food pairing suggestions.

Personalised Blanc de Blancs 2015

Personalised wine gifts Personalised champagne bottle  Personalised English Sparkling Wine  Personalised wine box Personalised champagne Engraved champagne bottle

Our Personalised Blanc de Blancs 2015 is a team favourite here at Hattingley Valley and a favourite with our customers too! A wonderfully expressive multi-award-winning chardonnay, with fragrant notes of blossom, lemon zest and apple pastries on the nose, and candied lemon and caramel on the palate. Our Blanc de Blanc was made for the wine lover in your life. Beautifully aged, this wine will only continue to develop over time, making it ideal for commemorating special occasions, by laying down to enjoy in the future. Read the tasting notes to find out more.

Personalised Kings Cuvée 2015

Personalised wine gifts Personalised champagne bottle  Personalised English Sparkling Wine  Personalised wine box Personalised champagne Engraved champagne bottle

If you are really looking to treat someone, our Personalised Kings Cuvée might be the perfect choice for you. Perhaps the first super-premium sparkling wine made in England, our Kings Cuvée originally came about as a bit of an accident, a barrel from our very first vintage had somehow been overlooked. Now, recreated in exceptional years, with vibrant citrus aromas and a rich palate of honey, nuts and mouthwatering vanilla. Let them know how much you care with your very own personalised message, quality engraved on this special bottle. Discover the tasting notes here.

Personalised Magnum Collection: A Grand Gesture

Personalised wine gifts Personalised champagne bottle  Personalised English Sparkling Wine  Personalised wine box  Personalised champagne Engraved champagne bottle

For an even bigger impact, you can now engrave our range of Magnum bottles too! And with a lot more space on the bottle for engraving, you could write a sonnet (although a name and date would be sufficient!). Choose from our Personalised Classic Reserve Magnum NV, Personalised Rosé Magnum 2017, and our Personalised Blanc de Blancs Magnum 2015, for a thoughtful gift that will age in the cellar for years to come. 

Enhance the Experience with Custom Gift Packaging 

Personalised Oak Engraved Box  

Personalised wine gifts Personalised champagne bottle  Personalised English Sparkling Wine  Personalised wine box  Personalised champagne Engraved champagne bottle

Why stop at engraving the bottle, when you can engrave the box too? Introducing our new quality engraved oak gift boxes, the perfect presentation for your bottle. Whether it’s a magnum bottle or a regular bottle, our oak boxes will stand the test of time and can be reused and repurposed after they’ve done their job. Made with a double hinge and clasp closure and quality engraved with our logo, all you need to do is add your personalised message and the final engraved box will come with your personalised bottle inside.

Luxury Gift Sets

New Hattingley Valley personalised products,  Personalised wine gifts Personalised champagne bottle  Personalised English Sparkling Wine Personalised champagne Engraved champagne bottle

A new option for our personalised bottles, which can now be presented in our Hattingley Luxury Gift Set. Beautifully packaged in our best-selling gift box, choose your wine from our personalised collection, complete with Hattingley Valley accessories. Give the gift of a personalised bottle alongside two of our Hattingley Valley fine tulip flutes and Hattingley sparkling bottle stopper and waiters friend corkscrew. Perfect for wine lovers our Luxury Gift Sets make the ideal present, which is even more elevated by the addition of a personalised bottle!

How to Store and Age English Sparkling Wine at Home?

If you are planning on drinking your bottle over the next week or so, you can store it in the fridge, ideally between 7 and 10°C. But if you are looking to store your wine for a little longer or gifting to a friend who will do the same, we recommend following these simple steps:

  • Keep your bottle away from bright light:

Avoid bright sunlight and synthetic lights as these can damage the wine and cause wine faults from light strike. Sorry to those with fancy wine fridges with LEDs (perhaps, just turn those lights off!). 

  • Store bottles in a cool dry place with a constant temperature:

The garage or under the stairs is always a good way to go (unless of course, you have your own personal wine cellar!), keep away from radiators and the kitchen where the temperature varies.

  • Store the bottle on its side:

Keeping the bottle horizontal will ensure the cork remains in contact with the wine inside the bottle, allowing the cork to stay moist so that it will not dry and shrink thereby allowing oxygen to get inside and spoil the wine. 

  • Ageing English sparkling wines:

The quality in the method we use to make our English sparkling wines, means that they have the potential to age and develop for many years (what the wine folks call cellar potential). The potential for ageing quality English Sparkling wines is still being discovered, but the theory is, using the traditional method, the ageing potential should be similar to that of champagne. In general we suggest you can store our sparkling wines for 5-10 years. For magnums it’s potentially longer due to the larger surface area of wine in contact with the bottle (aging more slowly and gracefully!). Check out our blog on English Sparkling Wine: Magnum Wine Bottles Gifts for Celebrating and Sharing for more information on Magnum ageing potential. 

How to Order: Easy Steps to Personalise Your Hattingley Valley Wine Bottle

To order, simply go to our Personalised Products Page and browse our range of of wines. Once you have chosen your wine, select your option to come in our regular Hattingley gift box, Engraved Oak box or as a Luxury Gift Set with Hattingley wine accessories. Then add your personalisation in the provided text boxes. Please note the first text box is for your gift message that will be on the handwritten gift note included in your order. The second box is the engraving message which will be inscribed on the bottle (Try not to mix them up!). Once you’ve double-checked your messages, tick the box below to confirm you are happy with the text on your message and add it to your trolly!


There you have it, our guide to our newest range of personalised engraved bottles, a unique and heartfelt gift to celebrate the most special of occasions. Whichever wine you decide to choose, you can rest easy as we ensure your bottle is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. With the added touch of custom engraving, your message will be forever etched into a beautiful bottle of English sparkling wine. Explore our range of personalised wine gifts today, and give a gift that speaks volumes.

Cheers 🥂

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