Food & Wine Pairings: How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

For International Chardonnay Day, we thought about what we would pair with our  Reserve Still White. James, one of our winemakers here at Hattingley, suggested the perfect Summer Charcuterie Board. Ideal for casual get togethers, alfresco suppers or as an appetiser to a summer barbecue, this simple crowd-pleasing platter will go down a treat. We have rounded up our favourite local produce to create this sharing board, that pairs perfectly with this wine. 

"The Reserve Chardonnay pairs well with strong aromatic cheeses, as it has the complexity and depth to hold its own against the robust smells and tastes while providing a refreshing lick of acidity to cleanse the palette." 
James, winemaker at Hattingley Valley 
The Perfect Summer Charcuterie Board, Hattingley Valley Cheese and Wine Pairings

 We source our produce from some of our favourite local deli's The Basil Leaf Deli and The General Store, both located in Winchester, Hampshire.  

Ingredients we used, but not limited to

Cheese: Old Winchester (both from Basil Leaf Deli) and Stinking Bishop (both from Basil Leaf Deli) and Isle of Wight Cheese Co. The Original Soft Blue Cheese (from The General Store.

Meat (optional): Suffolk Salami Co. - 1 pack shaped into roses (see our how to video to create these. 

Fruit: Figs, nectarines, New Forest strawberries, White grapes, Heritage tomatoes

Crackers: The Fine Cheese Company: Toast for Cheese (cherries, Almonds & Linseeds, Peters Yard: Original Sourdough Crackers, Millers Damsel: Charcoal wafers

Olives and Pesto Genovese from The Basil Leaf Deli 

How to Create a Salami Rose


  1. Place your cheeses on the board, ensure these are at room temperature when you serve. Arrange your crackers around the edge. You can also add some freshly cut bread around the board.
  2. Put your pesto and olives in small bowls around the board.
  3. To create the salami roses, use a shot glass and mould one piece of salami to the glass, as you rotate this add more salami pieces (you will need about 5-8 of these depending on the glass you are using) once you have completed the circle, tip the glass and gently take the rose off the glass. Ensure that you place these on the board but wedge them in with other roses or fruit so that they don’t unfold.
  4. Place or cut your fruit accordingly to fill in any gaps. A mix of cut and whole fruit creates a more dynamic effect! Place some of the fruit around the board to make this look more sumptuous

Serve with our Reserve Still White and voila! Use RESERVE20 for 20% off at checkout (for a limited time only). Check out our full range of STILL Wines for more delightful food and wine pairings! 


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