Hattingley Valley X Restaurant AO: Spring Recipes and Pairings

Hattingley Valley English Sparkling Wine: What’s happening in the Vineyard this Spring?

As Hampshire awakens to the full embrace of spring, here at Hattingley Valley we eagerly await the warmer days ahead. Despite persistent rainfall in February, our vineyard team completed pruning in the vineyard in good time (if a little soggy!). Now, as May beacons bud burst marks the first signs of growth in the vineyard and with the vineyard team keeping one eye on the sky, we can look to enjoy the other bounties of spring. Join us as we delve into the season's offerings, exploring delightful spring recipe pairings with a very special restaurant collaboration.

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A Culinary Collaboration: Hattingley Valley X AO by Daniel Rogan

To celebrate the joys of spring, we have joined forces with our friends at Michelin guide restaurant, AO by Daniel Rogan, to bring you three delicious food and wine pairings for the season. Based just outside of Southampton, AO is the brainchild of chef patron Daniel Rogan. This fine dining experience with its welcoming and intimate atmosphere, brings a touch of refinement to the homegrown produce at the forefront of its operation. Located at the picturesque Sunnyfields Farm, on the edge of the New Forest, the restaurant cultivates much of its own produce as well as sourcing from the local area, creating dishes reflective of the fruits of the seasons. 

In an exclusive sneak peek into their spring menu, Daniel Rogan and the team have shared their newest creations, with three tantalising dishes, each expertly paired with our Hattingley Valley English wines. Check out the pairings below for some gourmet spring recipe inspiration, or, visit the restaurant to try the dishes for yourself this spring!

Restaurant AO Spring Dishes and Hattingley Valley Wine Pairings

Langoustine, Carrot and Pear with Rosé 2020

For the first of our three dishes from Restaurant AO’s spring menu, we have Langoustine, Carrot and Pear. A deliciously buttery langoustine with a hint of smoke from the barbeque, accompanied by fresh pear and heritage carrot, complete with a rich and creamy bisque. Katherine the sommelier at AO by Daniel Rogan paired this dish with our fine English sparkling Rosé 2020.

Hattingley Valley English Rosé food and wine pairing spring recipe inspiration, restaurant AO by Daniel Rogan spring menu

The creaminess and rich textures in this dish pair excellently with the creaminess of our sparkling Rosé, a quality that comes from a process called malolactic fermentation (where tart malic acid is converted into lactic acid - for the nerds out there!). Often likened to strawberries and cream, with a hint of tartness from its raspberry and grapefruit notes, the wine pairs wonderfully with creamy seafood dishes. The fresh acidity of the rosé cuts through the sweetness of the heritage carrot and pear, which is beautifully complimented by the luxurious lobster bisque. With creaminess and texture from oak ageing, this wine has a lovely body which stands up to the many textures in the dish.

A great ‘pink with pink’ pairing of local Langoustine and English Rosé (it seems you can't go wrong with this one - especially not when Daniel makes it!). Check out our Rosé 2020 tasting notes for more ‘pink with pink’ pairing inspiration.

Monkfish, Onion and Hen with Blanc de Blancs 2015

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A brand new creation from Daniel’s new spring menu is the unctuous Monkfish, Onion and Hen. A beautiful meaty fish, with onion marmalade and crispy chicken skin, topped with caviar and an exquisite chicken, fish and vermouth sauce. Katherine the sommelier at AO paired this dish with our award-winning 100% chardonnay, the Blanc de Blancs 2015.

The reason this pairing works so well is due to the flavourful and rich nature of the dish; it needs a wine that will last on the palate and stand up to its bold flavours. Our Blanc de Blancs 2015 does just that, it has a lovely creaminess as well as beautiful toasty flavours, with a rich body and texture. This Blanc de Blancs has real freshness, with citrus notes characteristic of chardonnay, including lemon curd which beautifully compliments the creaminess of the sauce, as well as the fish itself. The dish is topped with a crispy chicken skin crumb and a touch of caviar adding a slight saltiness and bringing out the fresh and round fruit characters of the wine. A touch of sweetness from the onion marmalade brings out the caramel and honeycomb notes of the Blanc de Blancs, which come from long ageing in the bottle.

Overall, a beautifully complimentary pairing that showcases the very best of Chardonnay paired with white fish. Check out our Blanc de Blancs 2015 tasting notes for more details on why this pairing works so well!

Sheep's Milk, Strawberries and Elderflower with Entice 2022

Entice English Dessert wine, bacchus grape variety,sparkling rose, wine accessory, sparkling wine, chardonnay, spring recipe blog ideas

To end our trio of dishes, we have the perfect English dessert wine pairing: sheep’s milk mousse with macerated strawberries from the New Forest, topped with crunchy meringue and an elderflower gel. Katherine paired this dish with our Entice 2022

There are a number of reasons why this pairing works so well. This new dessert from Daniel Rogan is subtly sweet with the classic flavours of English strawberries and elderflower, which pair beautifully with the naturally aromatic hedgerow and elderflower notes in the wine. The wine’s tropical and citrus characters cut through the creaminess of the sheep’s milk yoghurt and its natural fresh acidity, balancing with the sweetness of crunchy meringue and elderflower gel.

Sadly our much loved Entice is currently sold out on our website. Therefore, if you would like to try a bottle, you’ll have to visit AO by Daniel Rogan for a rare taste! Take a look at the Entice 2022 tasting notes for more reasons to tempt you to visit the restaurant for yourself.



There you have it, the perfect food and wine pairings straight from the experts to inspire you this spring. Try them for yourself by recreating an AO-inspired dish at home, and don’t forget to tag us and AO by Daniel Rogan in your culinary creations on Instagram. Or visit the restaurant this spring, to taste the originals alongside a glass of your favourite Hattingley Valley English wine. 

Celebrate the joys of Spring by raising a glass with Hattingley Valley at Restaurant AO! 🥂

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