STILL Rosé 2021 - £19

YEAR - 2021
GRAPE - Pinot Noir Précoce 55%, Pinot Noir 34%, Pinot Meunier 11% ALCOHOL (ABV) - 11.5%

2021 saw some late spring frosts that affected sites across the south of England, so yields were reduced across the board. The summer presented growers with some serious challenges as the mild and often wet weather meant the vines were susceptible to disease. The grapes ripened slowly and although it was not a big harvest

Sparking Rosé 2019 - £38

YEAR - 2019
GRAPE - Pinot Noir 58% Pinot Meunier 38% Pinot Précoce 4%

2019 saw a good start to the growing season with plenty of sunshine and the hottest Easter bank holiday on record, followed by a warm, yet wet summer that led to an increased disease pressure during the ripening season. However, our vineyard team did excellent work ensuring the optimum quality of the fruit. The result was good yields of clean healthy grapes with excellent concentration of natural sugar and flavours.